M4+M4-5A Remote & Controller

Diffusion LED Controller

Diffusion M4+M4-5A Remote & Controller is capable of controlling up to 10 different controllers at once at a distance of up to 50m away (unobstructed distance).

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  • Designed to control multiple sections of RGB(W) ribbon lighting from a single remote
  • Interchangeable with M8 remote
  • Require electronic drivers only
  • Wall mountable

Technical Specification

Power Input

24V DC

Max Current Load

5A x 4 CH (Max 20A)

Max Output Power

480W @ 24V

GreyScale Max

4096 x 4096 x 4096 x 4096



6.70" L x 1.73" W x 1.18" H
170 mm L x 44 mm W x 30 mm H


4.0" L x 2.35" W x 0.35" H
104 mm L x 60 mm W x 9 mm H


M4+M4-5A Remote & Controller Spec Sheet

M4+M4-5A Remote & Controller Installation Sheet