General Questions
LED Ribbon

General Questions

What is the app to control the RGB(W) Strip through WiFi-104 controller?

You can find the app in Google store or App store by searching wifi-104.

What are your lead times?

1-2 business days for stock orders, 3-7 business days for custom cut orders and 3-4 weeks for custom made products and or kelvins.

What is class 2?

Class 2 is an electrical code and relates to any circuits (including circuits that are not lighting) that are 50 volts or less. The code says if 50v or less it needs to be max 5 amps and or 100 watts, whatever comes first. If you want to use larger drivers you

I have more questions and or is something more complicated, can we call you directly to help figure out the proper BOM?

Absolutely, we are happy to help. All pricing would have to go through our standard channels but we can definitely assist you with any questions or building a BOM.

I bought too much stuff, what is your return policy?

We will take back a regularly stocked product that is in new unused condition. You may however have to pay freight and or some processing fees.

What is your warranty?

We keep it very simple! Everything in our line is 5 year warranty. Our warranty also passes down to the end user as ever product is batched and marked. So yes even you the home owner can claim for warranty.

I have a warranty claim, what do I do?

Send over an email to info@rjcross.com and someone will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Submittal Form

For SC Series connectors, what power feed do I need for butting two pieces of ribbon together?

SC10W1 is for power feed (includes lead cable).

SC10W02 is a direct ribbon-to-ribbon connector, and if you need a 90-degree connector, you will need to use one of each.

What ribbon does the SC Series connector work with?

These were designed and intended for use with SL6 Ribbon, but they will also work with SL1 and SL3 Ribbon.

Can I use my own wire in the connectors?

Yes, it is safe to use your own wires if the gauge of the wire is small enough to fit in the terminals.

The connectors have really small screws, and I don't usually carry a screwdriver that is small enough, do you have a solution?

Yes, we include a miniature screwdriver with every order so that you can open your device and begin using it immediately.

Do all the connectors in your channels fit?

Not all connectors fit all channels, please email to info@rjcross.com for more information regarding connectors and channels or refer to product specifications sheets for more detailed information.

Drivers FAQ

Can your sensors work with magnetic drivers?

No, the device must be used with electronic drivers.

What's the maximum distance between the driver and the lights?

The distance of a run of cable is based on voltage loss, so the farther you are from the source of power, the larger the gauge of wire you need to use. If you give us all your information, we can help determine exactly what you need.

If I use a higher-wattage driver, can the start of the ribbon be further from the driver?

No, unfortunately it's based on voltage loss, not wattage loss. Upsizing the driver does not change the distance from the driver to the start of the ribbon.

Can I max load your drivers?

Our magnetic series are max load-rated, and our other versions are recommended for use at 80% of the rated capacity for commercial projects and 90% of the rated capacity for residential products.

Channel FAQ

How do you join two channels together?

We recommend reviewing installation specifications on our website. Most of our channels are joined by butt-jointing them together, and we recommend having the lens overlap the joint mark to help make it look seamless. A few of our channels do have special fittings to join them.

Do I need an elbow to turn 90-degrees for your aluminum channel?

To create a 90-degree corner, miter the channel on site to 45 degrees on both pieces. No connectors are needed, but some channels do have special fittings for this purpose. To see if your channel has these fittings, visit the channel page and click installation instructions.

LED Ribbon FAQ

Why do we have to install SL7.5 in aluminum channel?

As this gets to a higher wattage, it does generate more heat that will shorten the life of the LEDs. The use of an LED channel helps.

What is the max run length for the ribbon?

For most of our ribbons, a new power feed is required after 32 feet due to voltage loss. Please refer to the ribbon spec sheet for more information. Also, keep in mind that our high-wattage LED tapes will exceed class 2 if you go the full length of 32 feet so you would need to wire following the NEC code or shorten the length for those ribbons.