SL7.5-indoor-DW LED Strip

sl7.5-indoor-dw ribbon

Diffusion SL7.5-Indoor-DW

Diffusion LED Strip SL7.5-Indoor-DW is a flexible 12mm wide linear LED strip. That dims to warm, It can cut every 14 LED chips (63mm/2.5˝).

                   *Note :  Must order in custom cuts*


  • 3M industrial strength adhesive tape
  • Long life LED : 50,000 hrs
  • Dimmable with dimming power supply
  • 2′ power feeds on both ends of every roll
  • Dim to Warm


  • LED : <=18 W/m (5W/ft)
  • Lamp Life : 50,000 hrs LM80
  • Power Input : 24V DC
  • CRI > 95


<=1770/M exact Kelvin range will slightly change




Recommended Channels

SL7.5-Indoor-DW Diffusion LED strip can be used in all the channels except SLC-037C, SLC-402S. Dots are NOT visible in the below channels.

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