triac/0/1-10V (5 in 1) Dimmable Driver


Diffusion DLMULTI-024-30W

Diffusion DLMULTI-024-30W is a Dimmable LED Driver that works with  Forward / Reverse phase, ELV, Triac or 0-10V Dimmers.


  • Protection from short circuit, over current and over voltage
  • Internal self reset mini breakers
  • Compatible with virtually every style dimmer
  • Flicker-free ~ 20,000 Hz
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • High Efficiency
  • Working Temp : -40 ~ +85° C
  • Wet location rated


  • Input Voltage : 100-277 VAC
  • Output Voltage : 24 VDC
  • Output Current : 1.25A
  • Dimming Range : 0-100%
  • Wattage : 30W

*0% with select dimmers only*


6.0" L x 3.6" W x 1.0" H
150mm L x 93mm W x 25mm H

KO (I.D.) :
6 x 0.5" (Sides) *Standard 1/2" connectors won't fit*
2 x 0.8" (Back)


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Comes with two Connectors
*Only takes up to 14/2 loomex or 14/3 sjoow*