LED Strip

sl4-outdoor led ribbon
sl4-outdoor led ribbon

Diffusion SL4-Outdoor

Diffusion SL4-Outdoor is a flexible 8mm wide side mount
linear LED strip. It is available in 16′ and 32′ rolls
that can be cut every 6 LEDs (50mm or 2″).


  • Includes endcaps and mounting clips with screws
  • Long life LED : 50,000 hrs
  • Dimmable with dimming power supply
  • 2′ power feeds on both ends of every roll
  • IP67

*Custom lengths available upon request*


  • LED : 10 W/m (3 W/ft)
  • Lamp Life : 50,000 hrs LM80
  • LED/Meter : 120/m (36/ft)
  • Power Input : 24V DC
  • CRI > 91


3000K = 728 lm/m (222 lm/ft)

4000K = 812 lm/m (247 lm/ft)

*Custom Kelvins available upon request*

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