SLC-002S Channel

NEW FLAT LENS (Standard on every order)

*If you need Old Round Lens please specify when ordering*

Diffusion SLC-002S

Diffusion SLC-002S is a Low profile, anodized aluminum LED extrusion that comes complete with three clear mounting clips, two endcaps, and an opal polycarbonate lens.

*Extra clips and endcaps available by request*


  • Channel : Anodized aluminum extrusion
  • Lens : Opal polycarbonate, high heat resistant, UV stable, shatter resistant
  • Length : 8′ (2.44 meters)
  • Color : Silver, White, Black

*Custom color available*


  • Coves
  • Top kitchen cabinet
  • Wardrobe
  • Shelving
  • Closets

∗If seen directly or through a reflective surface, not recommended unless used with SL7.5∗


End Caps

Mounting Clips



Recommended LED Strip

Can use all the Diffusion LED strips in the SLC-002S channel except SL5-RGBW-Outdoor. The below LED strip's dots are not visible in this channel.