Micro Sensors and Switches Inline
Channel Mounted



Four unique sensors that can work inline, remote and/or be built into the channel itself.


  • Micro push button on/off only
  • Touch with dimming and memory
  • Proximity (swipe hand near sensor) on/off only
  • PIR timed 6-70s
  • Require electronic drivers only

*Custom pre-installation assembly available upon request*


  • Input Voltage : 24 VDC
  • Loading Power : 8A Max


CRTB01 -- Micro Button Switch

One touch on/off switch
3.15" L x 0.67" W
80mm L x 17.1mm W

CRTT03 -- Dimming Touch Switch

Blue light identifying where to touch to control, hold to dim on/off
3.15" L x 0.67" W
80mm L x 17.1mm W

CRTSPIRIT -- PIR Motion Sensor

Adjustable timer controlling the length of time the lights stay on from 6 to 70 seconds
3.95" L x 0.67" W
80mm L x 17.1mm W

CRTS01 -- Proximity Hand Sensor

On/Off function only Swipe hand past sensor to activate
3.38" L x 0.67" W
80mm L x 17.1mm W


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